Shrek is “Cast!” – Face Casting Session for Shrek the Musical

MAKEUP in Shrek the Musical

It's still three months away, but the production team for Shrek the Musical (opening July 14, tickets available at is already hard at work!

Here are photos and a short video of our makeup team putting a life cast on Justin Grankewicz, our actor playing Shrek. The entire process took a little over an hour, during which Justin had to remain still while the gel cured and the plaster hardened - with his face completely covered except for two tiny breathing holes!!!

Special thanks to Katia Greene, our makeup designer, and Kylie Slayter, Kate Hebb, & Cj Hawes who were on hand to help out that day! Also, stay to end of the video for an appearance by Katia's dog, KC, who was almost as happy to have her new friend Justin take the mask off as he was!